High-end Luxury Kitchen & Tableware Brand

Vernox (which means Eco-Friendly, as its name comes from "green" and "steel" in French) is a premium kitchen&interior accessory brand that, as its name implies, guarantees the safety of kitchens and tables and keeps health consistently.
Vernox is a Korean home living brand launched by DSP in 2019.

Luxury Kitchenware & Tableware Brand

Vernox is a Korean home living brand launched by DSP in 2019. Based on the German Bauhaus Philosophy of 'form follows function', we pursue harmony between art and technology with the goal of concise beauty, functional and rational design.

Based on the philosophy of 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication', we pursue a minimal form, Brilliant color, and perfect surface and finish.

In addition, it is the only home-living brand in Korea with a factory and in-house designers capable of self-development and production with the goal of actualizing a unique design.

It produces home-living products that combine practicality and design, and is widely loved through department stores, fashion multi-shops, and exhibitions.

Stainless Steel Backsplash


A single piece of monochrome that changes every moment in the kitchen

Inspired by the Bauhaus, ‘Stainless Steel Backsplash’, which contains minimalistic beauty and reasonable design, allows you to express your kitchen space with a variety of colors.
Colorful colors with subtle light reflections bring vitality and vitality to the cooking kitchen.
In addition, it is made of stainless steel material that is resistant to contamination and can be easily washed with a towel or wet tissue, so it is highly practical.

Stainless Steel Eco-friendly Cutting board

Cutting Board

Kitchen in color

It is an eco-friendly cutting board that changes the kitchen space stylishly and sensibly with the naturalness of the material containing the essence of stainless steel properties and the deep color feeling.
The minimal design allows you to focus on the product material and color, and the surface coating treatment prevents bacteria from growing.
Eco-friendly UL approval has been obtained from the 120-year-old American safety certification organization (Underwriters Laboratory).
It is an object-type cutting board that goes well with any living space with the unique neutral feeling of metal as a motif and can be used for plating.

Stainless Steel Table mat

Table Mat

A new differentiation on the table

It is a representative product of Vernox that can be used as an interior accessory beyond a simple kitchen appliance, and can create a luxurious table top.
Not only does it create a moody meal with colorful colors on a monotonous and plain table, Special processing of the metal surface to withstand water well protects the table from watery dishes such as drinks and food.
In addition, it can be used as a pedestal to put a hot pot on due to its strong durability, and a non-slip TPO material is attached to the bottom to ensure safe use and production without shaking.

Stainless Steel Cooktop mat

Cooktop Mat

The beginning of safe cooking

Vernox's cooktop mat, which can be used conveniently and happily in the kitchen every day, has been creating brand value for two generations for 30 years with the goal of 'the first step for a healthy family meal'.
The cooktop mat made of stainless steel is resistant to rust, allowing for hygienic storage of ingredients and food preparation.
The glitter that changes every moment according to the change of light expresses profoundness and heavy fashion.

Stainless steel table runner

Table Runner

Easy Tray, Table Point

A beautiful and practical Vernox table runner that gives a point on a shelf or table.
It is made in a generous size for finger food and caddy, so it is not only used for plating, but also offers wine and dinner parties after displaying bread and cheese.
The corners are gently curved, and the back has a non-slip finish for stability when placed on the floor.
A special coating is applied to the durable stainless steel metal to give it a luxurious color, making it a great decorative effect.